From Preston to Calais and Dunkirk

People from Preston have made three trips now to the refugee camp in Calais, and on the last trip also to the camp in Dunkirk. This effort has been under the auspices of the Preston Faith Forum, and a Muslim group, the Light Foundation. Although those who traveled were in the main Methodists or Muslims, there were also Jews and humanists.

The first trip took place last September, the second in November, and the last one in February. The process of planning, preparing, travelling and delivering aid together has resulted in a developing relationship between people of different faiths. There have been disagreements, clashes of personalities, and the expression of strong emotions concerning events on the world stage. However, the fact that we ARE still working together, and actively planning how we can further support those displaced by the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Eritrea etc shows that a bond of shared humanity is being forged.

calais image

A full description of the trip can be seen on the Preston Faith Forum FB page:

Description on Facebook page

A link to an interview with myself and Selina, one of the young Muslim volunteers, on That’s Lancashire TV, is given below:

Interview following aid trip